MOONTA’s main entrance is set to receive some tender loving care. 

Copper Coast Council recommended the northern corner of Blanche and Blyth Terraces be cleared and tidied to create a better entrance to the state’s top tourist town.

A memorial/cairn is expected to be installed near to the old power house site, incorporating some of the original stonework and the foundation stone.

CEO Russell Peate said whilst further investigations were being completed in relation to future uses, he had requested the land be tidied. 

“This will involve some research regarding previous uses of the land prior to such works,” Mr Peate said. 

“We want to do some research to ensure we don’t overlook the history of the area.

“We are keen to make this land a more presentable entrance into Moonta which should start to look better over the next 12 months.” 

Mayor Roslyn Talbot said it was important people arriving at Moonta, from the north, encounter a tidy entrance.

“Moonta is the top tourist town in South Australia and to arrive to an unsightly entrance certainly doesn’t exude the impression we would like people to have of the area,” Mrs Talbot said.

“This area had some significant buildings of importance prior to their demolition.

“A monument with perhaps some historical information will ensure our heritage is remembered and the stories of the past are continued to be told.”

Mrs Talbot said the large parcel of land would be important for the future development of Moonta.

“I would like it to be tidied for the moment and retained for when there is a real need for a use in the future,” she said.

“The Moonta Urban Design Framework, adopted by council, recommended in the short term it be tidied and landscaped giving us options into the future, exploring the possibility of a roundabout and increased accessibility to the Moonta township.

“The land provides numerous development opportunities to reinforce the character and the function of the town and provide improved connections to the tourist office as well as slow the speed of vehicles travelling into the town centre.

“Ultimately, the town entrance is an invitation to explore, stay and discover Moonta.”

From YP country Times Edition December 21 2021