MEMBERS of the National Trust of SA board had a special look around Moonta earlier this month.

The representatives were taken on a tour of the National Heritage Listed sites, as well as learneing more about the history of the area and even sampling some Cornish delicacies.

National Trust SA representative Graham Hancock embraced the audience, dressing as Captain Hancock for a presentation about the history of the mining area.

Mr Hancock also spoke about the push for UNSESCO World Heritage Listing and how the current National Heritage Place project linked into the future recognition for the site.

National Trust SA CEO Darren Peacock explained the plans for the heritage area.

“It’s a common assumption that heritage is about the past but the more interesting and rewarding way to look at it is how we think about the future,” he said.

Mr Peacock said the project would be done in stages and would likely take 10 years.

Key aspects of the plan would include improved accessibility, walking trails and interpretive signs.

From YP Country Times December 14 2021